FAA Leaked Memo Re: Plane Crash

In the memo, the FAA writes: “The airspace design with regard to obstacle (terrain) clearance is not sufficient to ensure a margin of safety necessary to preclude the possibility of an accident similar to the one that occurred on November 23, 2011.”

Why hasn’t this been addressed prior to now?  What isn’t being discussed?

Skywatch – March 8th

The Maricopa county section of MUFONwill be conducting a skywatch in conjunction with the “Moonlight Hike” atLost Dutchman State Park, near Apache Junction, Sunday, March 8.

This is a monthly event sponsored by the Parks Department and is a ranger-led hike on a well-traveled, easy trail from the parking lot up onto the gentle slope leading to the Superstition Mountains.

The event is free, but there is a $5 parking fee.

There are rest stops along the trail, with narration from the ranger, along with Native American flute music.

Phoenix MUFON will be attending and valley residents interested in night time observation and the UFO phenomenon are encouraged to meet in the parking lot.

Superstition Vortices

This just in–an anonymous report from hikers on an overnight trip during the winter solstice:

“My boyfriend and I were camping off the Boulder Canyon Trail two nights ago and we had the strangest experience…we both woke up around 3am on the 21st (winter solstice, does this mean something??) feeling out of breath and our bodies just felt really heavy, like we were made out of lead or something.  We heard some strange noises, almost like whispering, so we got out of the tent.  Our campsite was up on a ridge, and when we looked down into the valley below, we saw these inky black shapes darting around in circles!  It sounds insane, I know, if I hadn’t seen it myself I would never believe it…This lasted for about fifteen minutes or so and then they just sort of dissipated in the air and then we felt normal again…What does this mean??  I’ve heard stories about vortexes and stuff in the Superstitions, is this what we experienced?  Has anyone else experienced anything similar??  — Freaked Out in Phoenix”

SMAPaRC assessment: Freaked Out, this definitely sounds like you witnessed some sort of vortex or portal opening up.  These events are more likely to happen during certain times of the year, specifically during the summer and winter solstices and vernal and autumnal equinoxes.  Please keep us posted if you experience anything else!